Google Chrome is working on a way for the two-factor verification to work across devices now

Most of us have felt annoyed by the two-factor authentication system which requires us to open our SMS messages, quickly memorize the code that has been sent by the site or app which we are trying to access and which needs to verify our authenticity and then rush back to the site or app to insert the code.

Google Chrome understood the plight of the users and came up with functionality that lets websites automatically go and read our SMS messages for the authentication codes. This will not only make things super easy and efficient for the users, but it will also save a lot of time and effort from the user to hop from one web page to the SMS messages in the phone, and then back to the previous web page. Not to mention the chance that you may get ‘timed-out’ by the web page and will be informed that ‘your session has expired’ and you need to try to access it again- means that the whole cycle will repeat!

So, this functionality is possible because of the Web One Time Password (API) Application Programming Interface. But now, there is another news that Google is now trying to bring this feature work across different devices too. This will let you automatically authenticate on your web desktop platform with an SMS message on your phone.

Techtsp has noticed a new flag (chrome://flags/#sms-receiver-cross-device) in the Google Chrome Canary which can let you enable the SMS Receiver API to work across devices - Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome Operating System, and Android.

It is not known how this feature will work exactly, but there is an assumption that this feature will sync the SMS code over your connected Google Account, and that is how the authentication will work on your desktop through your SMS message in the phone.

Regardless of how it functions, if this feature rolls out eventually, it will be a great blessing for many people out there. It is not only going to make the otherwise annoying authentication process very simple; it will ensure accuracy too. When you have to rush to your SMS messages to retrieve the SMS code, there is always a chance that you forget it as soon as you are back to insert it, hence resulting in another hassling situation.

Now, with this new feature, your phone messages will most likely sync with your desktop and it will make things more efficient for you in every manner.

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