Google Adds Bedtime Feature to Clock App

A lot of tech companies are starting to come to terms with the fact that excessive usage of their devices and services has lead to an epidemic of sorts. People are using technology a little too often, and one major area where this is having a negative impact is in sleep patterns. People stay up late scrolling through social media or streaming videos, and this also affects the quality of their sleep since the light from the devices leads to their brain not really knowing whether its night and time to sleep or day and time to wake up.

A number of social media platforms have taken steps to curb this problem, but this is something that needs to be tackled from a different angle. Apple has offered a digital wellbeing feature that involves setting bed times and the like during which you would not receive notifications and your home screen would become black except for the time for quite a while now, and Google, while late to the party without a shadow of a doubt, is now finally deciding to follow suit.

The Clock App in all Android devices which are running version 6 of the OS or higher will now have a bed time feature that is similar to what iOS has been offering. You can set a bedtime for yourself after which your notifications would be limited and your phone would not light up nor would most notifications be visible on the home screen. You can also track your sleeping through this app now, and this can help a lot of people see how much they’re sleeping and whether or not it is adequate.

While tech companies are certainly important for the world, there can be too much of a good thing. Hence, steps need to be taken to preserve people’s health.

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