Facebook and Instagram Rolled Out ‘Voting Information Center’ For the Upcoming Election

On Thursday, Facebook launched a new voting information center to help users in the United States find voting information. The company hopes that this new tool will help Facebook to combat misleading information about the election. The company has launched this online hub as part of Facebook’s campaign to help millions of voters in the U.S. register for the upcoming presidential election and counter misleading information.

Misleading information on social media platforms has been a major concern after foreign trolls used various social media platforms to post content aimed at sowing discord among US citizens during the presidential election back in the year 2016. Facebook has also been trying to combat misleading information about the coronavirus pandemic and elections by directing people to authentic sources for reliable information.

Users in the United States can access this online hub from the menu on Facebook as well as the Instagram app, and it will serve as a one-stop-shop to provide them the necessary tools and information they need to make their voices heard at the ballot box, Facebook explained. The company also said that the voting information center will help users easily navigate the changes to voting procedures being made by different states because of the pandemic. Users of Facebook and Instagram can use this online hub to check whether they are registered to vote or not.

The company also plans to use the voting information center to tackle any misleading information about election results, and the company announced on Wednesday that the social media platform will continue to work with the United States government agencies to protect the integrity of elections. The social media giant said that it is also important to protect the integrity of elections.

The company explained that the voting information center will also provide information from reliable sources such as nonpartisan civic organizations and state election officials. Furthermore, the online hub will urge users to sign up as poll workers since election staffers state that they have been facing trouble doing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook is also launching a new feature called ‘Voting alerts’ to help state, as well as local election authorities, communicate with voters about updates related to the election. VP Product and Social Impact, Naomi Gleit, wrote in a blog post that the company encourages users in the United States to use this new online hub and make their voices heard by voting this fall.

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