A New Study Found That Engagement With Sponsored Influencer Posts Reached 57 Million During July 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the digital economy in several ways, and advertising budgets generally decreased during the global lockdowns. However, according to a report, engagement with sponsored influencer posts doubled during the coronavirus lockdowns. The pandemic has been highly disruptive to several industries including advertising, however, it is not the case with influencers. Many influencers have nimbly adjusted their content to be appropriate for the coronavirus pandemic, and influencers were able to achieve increased engagement during the lockdowns. According to a study conducted by Shareablee, interactions with sponsored influencer posts reached 57 million back in July of this year. This shows a 5 times increase in interaction with sponsored posts in March of this year.

This highlights the impact of a higher number of smartphone and app users spending more time online on during the coronavirus lockdowns. Since people are forced to stay at their homes due to the pandemic, they are spending more time on their smartphones. The usage of various applications have been surged during the pandemic. For instance, the usage of video calling apps have been increased as people connect to their loved ones via video calls. However, it is important to note that general influencer posts declined 12% between April and June of this year.

According to a marketing expert, things initially went quiet on the influencer advertising front during March of this year, however, there has been a strong resurgence in interest. According to Melissa Rosenthal, co-founder at Circle, brands took some weeks to figure out how to position themselves for this situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Melissa Rosenthal added that now she is seeing probably 5 times the outreach she was seeing before the pandemic.

Arguably, influencers are providing a niche way to reach consumers during the coronavirus pandemic, and advertisers have gained wind of their potential. Previously, similar studies were also published highlighting that influencer campaigns on social media networks declined only 3% during the first quarter of this year. Influencer campaign levels have returned to normal. Furthermore, 96% of customers interacted with influencer posts it similar rates during the coronavirus pandemic. Influencer advertising has received increased attention as there is evidence that users view messages from influencers as authentic. A study discovered that followers of an influencer regard their sponsored content to be authentic.

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