Create a whole new world and do anything in the VR tool ‘Horizon’ as Facebook brings it to Beta now

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in the digital world, and many apps have already given us a taste for it through different tools like Oculus, Samsung’s VR gears, etc. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, when people were home-bound, amongst many other activities on social media, people also delved into different VR experiences, and that trend seems to be increasing continuously. Facebook’s ‘Horizon’ has been in talks for a while, and recently the company announced that it is bringing Horizon to closed beta channels now.

This is great news! Horizon is a tool that lets the users explore unlimited and endless possibilities of virtual experiences. All these experiences are designed and built by the people they interact with, in the real world. Horizon is like a sandbox creation tool that lets the users do anything in their virtual universe, create anything, be it close to reality or something whimsical - anything and everything is possible in this virtual world. But the most important aspect of this entire virtual experience is that people can communicate and interact with each other in their virtual worlds also. It means that Facebook has not forgotten to incorporate the ‘social’ aspect in Horizon, and that makes the entire experience closer to reality, more fun, and more humane. The engagement with people is going to make it more pleasurable.

The coronavirus pandemic has made ‘working from home’ a new trend, and it seems that the world is quite happy with it too, since even now, when the lockdowns have lifted in many regions, companies are still preferring for their employees to work from home if possible, and employees are more comfortable with this trend too. So, VR social tools like Horizon may be used for virtual official meetings also, where you can create an ‘almost-real- but-virtual boardroom’ and invite all the ‘member inside that VR boardroom’ to carry out your meeting!

To make workplace collaborations safe in an immersive, virtual experience, Facebook has announced that users can access a personal Safe Zone through their wrist menu at any given time in Horizon. If the virtual experiences become overwhelming or if there is an inclusion of a threat, they can access their Safe Zone and mute, block, or report offensive people and content around them in the Horizon.

These steps may control cyberbullying to a great extent, but Facebook will have to employ some stricter policies to make the virtual world at least a perfectly safe and happy place for everyone.

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