YouTube Is Testing an Updated Audience Retention Chart, and Creators Will Now See a Listing of Other Clips Their Viewers Have Watched

Recently, YouTube's Creator Insider channel talked about a feature of YouTube Studio. A new video was posted to the Creator Insider Channel in which YouTube revealed that the company is adding data on other clips your audience has watched. The new addition will provide content creators with a listing of other videos that their viewers have watched on the video platform. Creators will see the listing of other videos which are not created by them. The new feature adds a new level of context to creators’ audience research efforts.

The Analytics section of the YouTube Studio provides the listing of other videos watched by your audience on the platform. YouTube stated that the new feature provides an opportunity to know your audience better. Creators can dig into what other video topics and format is watched by their audience and which format and topics might suit their YouTube channel.

The new insights may also help creators to identify key trends, and sharpen their strategy. This week, the company also provided an update on the launch of the new informational panel. YouTube revealed that the company plans for a 20% launch of the new informational panel by July 15 of this year.

The new additions will be very beneficial for YouTube content creators, and likely, the update will be completely rolled out within the upcoming few weeks. Moreover, the platform has also released a new test of an updated audience retention chart. The new update will display you the retention performance across your YouTube channel.

The updated audience retention chart will help content creators to focus on where they are getting more engagement, and where their audience is dropping off. The insights will ultimately help you to improve your content approach. Both the new updates will provide more information on your YouTube performance, which will help content creators to improve their posting approach as well as process with more understanding of what their audience is interested in.

Additionally, the company also announced that it is adding some new mental health assistance resources within relevant YouTube search queries. Moreover, a new listing of recently published videos to the YouTube Studio dashboard will also be added. The company is rolling out the new updates to YouTube Studio from today. However, the updated audience retention chart is still under testing phase, and it is not yet ready to be rolled out to YouTube Studio.

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