Twitter has made an entry in the list of apps Facebook has given access to share their posts with

Recently, it has been noticed by Matt Navarra that Facebook has given access to its users to share their Facebook posts on Twitter, right within its sharing sheet. This has caught the attention of many people.

When Matt tweeted about this feature, it turned out that many social media user were oblivious about this addition and were somewhat shocked about it happening due to past events.

Users also suggest Facebook to bring back the CrowdTangle and Twitter Integration. CrowdTangle is a social analytics tool that monitors and discovers the content posted by the audience of various social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. This platform used to contain Twitter in the past but as of September 2019, Twitter has been disabled on it. And now people are requesting to bring it back.

A Twitter user also pointed out that he sees a lot of options to share a Facebook post. Other than that, some users also thought that this might be a joke or prank being played on them and they had to make sure that it was not April’s fool day. Now either it was a sarcastic comment being passed or an actual concern of the user, that we cannot be sure about.

Some people have also called Twitter being given access by Facebook an “Irony”. Some users think all of this makes perfect sense while others are fairly confused about it.

Anyway, this feature can make the job of social media managers a bit easier who usually share content from Facebook to Twitter.

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