Reddit introduces a new feature for its users, which would let them add more than one media files to their posts

Reddit is a famous social networking forum with various types of communities, in which members post content related to the community and other members can vote on it as well. Recently it has come out with another feature for its members named as Image Galleries that allow the user to add almost twenty attachments to their post, for example GIFs and pictures. This feature would be available for iOS devices at the moment and would be introduced for Android soon.

This new arrangement for posting would have a small number counter on the top right corner of the post, and we would be able to go through all these pictures included in the post by scrolling to the side. Not long-ago Instagram had also come out with a similar feature to this.

Is it further elucidated by Reddit as they have mentioned that this “Image Gallery” feature has been in demand by many different communities like Food, DIY, etc. This is because many times the members want to show a product like clothes, dishes, make up looks, designs, artworks using different perspectives and angles. They might also want to add to that and give instructions in a slide or give links or names of the things they used to do a particular task. This may also lead to many brands making an appearance on Reddit as they would be able to add URLs to each picture in the post. This may also help them get more popular as many of their customers might also add their website’s links to a particular product.

For a member to post an Image Gallery, the members would get an option to choose “Image Post” when they are creating a new post. They can then select a total of twenty attachments which can be later re-organized. They could then add a caption, post title, or a URL for every image and could also put on tags that warn the users about spoilers, etc., and then they can post it.

The only disadvantage to this feature is that the moderators of each community would have to turn the Image Gallery on, due to which it will not be accessible to all discussion taking place.

This feature would help Reddit establish further and become a better operation social media platform.

Reddit has a total of 430 million active users now and due to this, it has to make sure that the members are discussing appropriate topics. Back when it was not as popular, it was known as the “Darker corner of the web” because it was not inspected as thoroughly. Reddit may lose many advertisers if it does not take any action against the trolls on the application. To avoid losing its advertisers Reddit freshly removed around two thousand controversial subreddits and also updated its policies.

This option may lead to new users and businesses joining Reddit as well. It is a possibility that some old users may not be happy by the sudden increase of members and users, it would certainly help the platform become more feasible especially for businesses.

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