New Report Shows Online Streamers Are Spending More Time Online And They Are Discovering New Interests

We all know that people are spending more time online during the coronavirus pandemic. People are using social media platforms to communicate with their friends, family, and colleagues. It has also been discovered that online streamers are spending more time online during the pandemic.

According to the latest report published by GlobalWebIndex, consumers using online streaming platforms, such as Disney+, Amazon Video, Hulu, and Netflix, are over 40% more likely to be concerned about the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic in their country as compared to average internet users.

Globalwebindex asked 9,276 internet users what they have been doing at home during the lockdowns. These 9K+ internet users are aged between 16 and 64 and they use online streaming platforms such as Disney+, Amazon Video, Hulu, and Netflix.

55% of online video streamers said that they have been watching videos, while 51% of average internet users spent time watching more videos. The survey also discovered that 50% of online video streamers spend longer on social media platforms, while only 42% of average users spent extra time on social media platforms.

47% and 44% of online video streamers and average users spent more time on messaging services to stay connected with their loved ones. Some people are watching more broadcast TV as 47% of online streams and 42% of average users said that they have been watching more broadcast TV during the pandemic.

42% of online streamers listened to more streaming services and 40% of them spent longer on video or PC games. In comparison, 37% and 34% of average users listened to more streaming services and spent more time on games, respectively.

This data also suggests that people may have discovered new interests during the pandemic. Globalwebindex asked the respondents about the interests they discovered during the pandemic. 25% of Netflix users stated that they discovered they like documentaries more than they thought. In comparison, 28%, 24%, and 28% of people who use Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+, respectively, said that they have discovered they like this genre.

In terms of comedy videos, 21% of Netflix users, 26% of Hulu users, 20% of Amazon Prime Video users, and 22% of Disney+ users said that they liked this genre. According to 22% of users of Netflix, 24% of users of Hulu, 20% of users of Prime Video, and 18% of users of Disney+, they enjoyed watching true crime videos more than they thought.

Some people also discovered that they like watching lifestyle videos as 20% of Netflix users, 21% of Hulu users, 19% of Prime Video users, and 23% of Disney+ users said that they enjoyed watching lifestyle videos such as DIY, or cooking videos. 18% (Netflix users), 21% (Hulu users), 21% (Prime Video users), and 23% (Disney+ users) showed an interest in science fiction videos and movies.

19% of both Netflix and Prime Video users enjoyed watching action/ adventure movies while 21% of both Hulu and Disney+ users said that they enjoyed this genre. The report shows that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the streaming habits of people and people are discovering new interests during the pandemic.

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