New engagement and analytical stats announced for Artists on YouTube

YouTube, the video hosting platform most of us are aware of and use on a daily basis. It provides various types of content made by different creators. Despite the fact that it is not a proper music streaming application, it is one of the topmost apps used for this purpose.

Recently YouTube has announced new Analytics for all the Artists which are a part of YouTube Studio.

YouTube Studio is an application available on Android and iOS for free. It is used by Creators to produce thumbnails, titles, and tags for their videos.

The updated version of YouTube Analytics for Artists helps show a concluded and summarized view of the viewers, the performance, and the global reach to each creator that is a part of the social media platform.

In the newer version of YouTube Studio, the views gained from the videos which are uploaded on the official channel of the artist and the views which are gained from the videos which contain a part of or the whole recording of the content originally uploaded by the artist would be showed in the “Total Reach” metric. These can be seen as two different stats or as one whole stat as per the choice of the creator.

The “Song Detail” would now contain all the content made related to the actual track, by creators or fans other than the original artist such as fan-created covers, dance and choreography videos, and lyric videos. This step is taken in order to encourage the fans and to bring attention to their work.

All these fan-made content would benefit the Artists, whether big or small as they help them gradually gain more views on their original content. It has been reported that on average the artists on the top 1000 of YouTube make almost 20% or more of their chart eligible views with the help of the videos made by the fans or other users.

Some other basic performance data contain engagement stats such as clicks, demographics, impressions, retentions, etc. With the help of applications and online usage made available to the users, the data points are updated in real-time. In order to bring the viewers' attention to the successes and achievements of the artist like being in the top 100 or YouTube adding the artist’s song in the popular playlist, the “Dashboard” view can be used. It uses cards to highlight the accomplishments of the creator.

This new addition of YouTube Studio, the “Dashboard” is only made available for Official Artist Channels. New Analytics could be introduced for the Artists in the near future.

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