Google Chrome for Android Is Beta Testing a New Feature to Make Sign-in Process More Convenient

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers across the world, and like most other browsers, it already goes a long way toward making browsing easier for users as well as secure by saving the login credentials, and periodically checking if any of those login credentials have been compromised. Google regularly adds new features and tools to its Chrome browser to improve the user experience.

Now, the company is apparently bringing yet another feature to the Chrome browser. Google committed to enabling the ‘Touch to Fill’ feature by default in version 84 of the Chrome browser for Android. And the company recently rolled out Chrome 84 for Android. It seems that the Chrome browser will soon autofill the login credentials when a user touches the username field.

The Touch to Fill UI (User Interface) for login credentials has been behind the flag for some, however, today, the Chromium team has enabled this feature by default. The browser is streamlining the process of signing into sites using saved login credentials with the new ‘Touch to Fill’ experience.

The Chrome browser for Android began to revamp its autofill system last month for things such as addresses and payment methods with a new autofill bar. The new bar UI for autofill for addresses, billing info, and passwords, also enables users to individually tap to fill portions of their saved addresses. Now, it appears that the Chrome browser is also working to upgrade its password autofill experience.

Techdows spotted the new feature called ‘Touch to Fill’ which the company has begun rolling out to users on Chrome Beta for Android. If you not on the Beta version of the Chrome browser, or if you don’t want to wait for the feature to appear naturally, you can also enable the Touch to Fill feature with a flag in chrome: //flags.

Go to chrome://flags page and enable the ‘Touch to fill UI for Passwords’ to start using the new feature. After you have enabled the feature, the next time you sign into a site that you have saved a password for e.g. Amazon or Facebook, the browser will offer the Touch to Fill prompt when you will tap on the box to enter your username or email used for signing into the website. Now, a sheet will pop up instead of the keyboard, and you will see your saved login credentials on this sheet. Swipe up to expand this sheet, and you will see a shortcut for managing your saved credentials.

This new experience is already appearing with Chrome Beta for Android for some users, however, you can use it via a flag on the Stable version of the browser, we expect that the new UI will begin to roll out widely any time soon.

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