Facebook Yet Again Delays the Launch of Its Content Oversight Board Till Late Fall Of This Year

The social media giant, Facebook has announced that the company is delaying the launch of its content Oversight Board. The social media giant will not launch the content Oversight Board until the late fall of this year.

The content Oversight Board is an entity that will make content moderation decisions on Facebook’s platform, particularly decisions related to handling appeals for blocked or removed content across the platform. The content Oversight Board explained on Twitter that it will not be able to officially begin their task of providing independent oversight of Facebook’s content moderation decision for some time.

The board focuses on building a strong institution that will deliver concrete results over the long run. This may sound well, however, for several people, the entire point of creating this board was to equip Facebook for the upcoming US presidential election. You may also note that the board has been in the offing since late 2018.

Previously, it was thought that the board will tackle the spread of misleading information across Facebook’s platform. However, later we found out the content Oversight Board has nothing to do with viral misleading information across Facebook’s platform. The content Oversight Board will (for now) primarily concern itself with disputed removal of content across Facebook’s platform.

The company has come under scrutiny for its unstable attitude towards misleading political ads, deliberate incorrect information, and other troubling content across Facebook’s platform. Recently, several brands temporarily stopped advertising on Facebook to protest against the company’s policies. Companies including Ford, CocaCola, Verizon, and Microsoft have signed the Facebook ads boycott campaign.

The Stop Hate for Profit has proved to be somewhat successful with advertisers, however, less than a third of users are aware of the Facebook ads boycott campaign, which shows that consumers are not fully inline with the ongoing protest. Recently, the representatives of the protest met Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and were very disappointed. Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO Anti-Defamation League, stated that they saw little and heard just about nothing.

It appears that the social media platform is not considering the ongoing pecuniary punishment heavy enough to warrant a serious response. The company’s meeting with Facebook ads boycott leaders failed to produce any desirable results, and the delay in the launch of the Oversight Board has filled civil rights advocates with disappointment.

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