Facebook is bringing a refreshing app that has a nostalgic feel and will make you experience the old days of the internet again

Facebook’s NPE Team has recently developed a new app which is one of its kind and is unlike anything we have on the web today.

This new app goes by the name ‘E.gg’ and it is going to provide an experimental platform to people who want to reminisce the clumsy, dangerous, and completely raw old days of the Internet.

Many of us belonging to the Baby boomers or Millennials generation remember the funny experiences we had while exploring the internet. It was raw, not highly defined, and most of us learned things slowly by ourselves. These days, the technology has advanced, and everything is so clear, crisp, and brand new that it has taken the ‘awe-factor’ away which most of experienced in our early days of the Internet.

Facebook’s teams realized this nostalgic pang and decided to develop an app that will bring back those memories and those experiences, with a completely fresh point of view.

As explained by the Director of Product Management at Facebook, Jason Toff, this new app E.gg will let the users experiment with all their weird and wonderful expressions of who they are and what they love the most.

People will be able to unleash their creative sides, as this app’s banner says- ‘Free your Creativity.’ It is a small experiment by the NPE Team of Facebook, and at the moment, it is going through a testing phase. Interested people can help Facebook test this app by joining the waitlist.

Now coming to what this app will be about. Is it another TikTok like app? No

Is it a video app? No

Then what is it about?

E.gg will let you create free-form canvasses. They might contain media collages, or quotes collage from the pages you love, or anything else that you care about and that can help you eloquently express yourself, just like how it used to be in the old days of scrapbooks and testimonial collections, etc. You may add your favorite films, music albums, novels to your canvas, or a collection of texts and images or GIFs. Anything and everything can be put in your canvasses. There will be no worry about positioning the images too. It is all going to be free of all those worries that we have to face these days while making or editing our collages in picture editing apps.

You can share your canvasses with others through a personalized E.gg URL within the app only, without going through the hassle of logins or required number of downloads. No one is going to judge you based on your content because there are not going to be any ‘Likes’ or ‘Comments’ options available.

It’s simple, pure, devoid of any limitations to your creativity.

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