Some insights into upcoming trends in shopping and consumer expectations once the lockdowns ease in the post-coronavirus world

Earlier this year, when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, more than one-third of the consumers in countries like the US expected to see different brands advertising in such a way that they focus on providing tips to the consumers about how to keep themselves safe from COVID-19.

However, now that the world is in the mid-COVID phase, and lockdowns have started easing down in many countries, consumers are now expecting to see their favorite brands advertising in such a way that they help people transition back from this ‘abnormal’ lifestyle into their normal, pre-COVID lifestyle.

Social ad platform, Smartly.Io has carried a survey study on five thousand consumers and has analyzed the impact before and after the coronavirus pandemic on the consumers’ expectations. They published their study in a blog post, and they have stated that it is very likely that social media advertising will see a rapid shift once lockdowns start easing down globally.

They have also suggested that in the new-post-COVID world, consumers are going to expect that their favorite brands will not only show them some products and services that will help them transition from one phase to another, but they will also guide them with products that will be fit for them in the post-COVD world too. Especially the consumers in the US and Australia are likely to demand that brands bring a change in their advertising methods, and focus more on their ad messages related to the effects of the pandemic that these consumers had to go through, or have been going through since so many months.

This study also suggested that the brands that kept advertising on social media even during the early days of the pandemic saw satisfactory results due to their continuous marketing efforts. They also faced less competition for viewers because they were already continuously appearing in social ads.

This strategy got good results for smaller brands also even in countries with strict lockdowns like Italy and Spain.

Almost 73% of consumers in India purchased items that they saw in social ads during the lockdown period, and this also proves how effective this continuous marketing strategy proved to be.

This study also confirms the reports from other sources that also pointed towards the surge in online shopping activities during the lockdown phase all over the world.

48% of consumers purchased fashion, health, and entertainment-related products and items after watching their social ads.

Countries like the US, UK, and the Netherlands are also expecting to see a rise in the purchasing of fashion and clothing-related products within the next thirty days. This means that these two industries must put more efforts to reach customers who are waiting to buy these things once the lockdowns lift completely.

Another category for which consumers responded was Grocery items. Around 56% of this survey respondents want to see grocery ads that announce sales and new deals on grocery items, while 54% of respondents are looking forward to ads related to the customers’ safety and precautions. 43% of these respondents are looking for seasonal products, and 7% of consumers believe that grocery items should not advertise now.

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