The List Of Top Ten US Colleges That Apple, Facebook, And Google Hire From

The latest analysis of LinkedIn data indicates that the University of Washington is generating more recruits for tech giants, such as Facebook, Apple, and Google, as compared to any other college in the United States. SHL, a talent company, analyzed the LinkedIn profiles of various employees working for tech companies. SHL found that the highest number of people working for technology companies were graduated from the University of Washington, while the University of California, Berkeley, produced the second-highest number of graduates working for major tech companies.

SHL performed a survey on 404,068 LinkedIn profiles of employees across 17 of the most significant tech companies in the United States. These US tech companies also included Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon.

The data provided by SHL suggests that Google has hired more employees from Stanford University as compared to any other college in the US, and the University of California, Berkeley is Google’s second-most heavily recruited university. According to data, Apple also prefers Stanford University, and the University of California, Berkeley is the second.

Facebook prefers hiring more employees from the University of California, Berkeley, with Stanford University second. The data shows that Amazon hired more of its graduates from the University of Washington as compared to any other college in the United States. SHL published the report on its website.

During the survey, it was also discovered that 49% of employees working for Google and 47.5% of Facebook employees were private graduates. According to the surveyed LinkedIn profiles, 45.4%, 44.5%, and 44% of employees working for Sony, IBM, and Adobe, respectively, were private graduates. Apple was in 8th place in this list and 37.3% of Apple employees were private graduates.

SHL also discovered that 11.5% of Google employees and 11.2% of Facebook employees are Ivy League alumni, however, no Ivy League members appeared in the list of top ten US colleges that major tech companies hire from. Business Insider requested a comment from Google, however, the company did not respond. A Facebook’s spokesman also denied to comment on the SHL data.

According to the survey performed by SHL, the following is the complete ranking of the most popular universities in the United States.

The University of Washington is the top-ranked US College that tech giants hire from.

UC Berkeley is the second university among this list.

Stanford University and the University of Texas, Austin are the third and fourth most popular universities.

The University of Southern California ranked fifth in the list while Arizona State University, Tempe ranked sixth.

According to the SHL data, Carnegie Mellon University and Georgia Institute of Technology are the seventh and eighth most popular universities in the US.

While the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign ranked ninth and tenth in the list.

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