Microsoft Launched The First Public Preview Of The Defender App On Android

Microsoft announced that the company is rolling out a preview version of the Microsoft Defender for Android. Microsoft Defender is the company’s antivirus software, and earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it is developing an Android and iOS version of the Windows Defender app. However, the tech giant did not provide any specific information regarding a launch date. The company announced the Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Android at the RSA security conference in Feb 2020.

Now, the company is releasing a public preview for the Android version of the Defender antivirus software. It comes with complete protection against phishing. Moreover, the Defender app for Android will also make sure that it immediately block any unsafe or malicious sites sent via SMS, emails, or applications. A senior program manager at the company, Kanishka Srivastava, explained that the app instantly performs scans to detect malware and PUA (potentially unwanted apps).

The Defender app will send a notification to the end-user if a safe application is installed on the device. The notification lets users know that the downloaded application is clean. The company is using a technology called Defender SmartScreen. This technology immediately blocks network connections created by malicious applications without the users’ knowledge.

The new Android application will operate like a classic smartphone antivirus software that is able to scan the smartphone for malicious applications as well as other malware. The Defender ATP for Android application efficiently works as a gatekeeper for a company’s network. The application helps IT staff to lock Android mobiles out of the company’s network or prevent people from accessing corporate applications.

You may also note that the company started a public preview for Defender antivirus for macOS only one year ago. As a result the Windows Defender ATP was renamed as Microsoft Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection). The client also offers complete threat and virus protection, and it can perform quick or complete system-wide scans.

The company still plans to launch an iOS version of the Microsoft Defender antivirus software, however, it will be limited as Apple sandboxes iOS applications. Apple also hinders most end users from sideloading applications without the Apple App Store in the first place. We are not yet sure what the iOS version of the Microsoft Defender app will actually offer to its users.

The corporate vice president at Microsoft 365 security, Rob Lefferts, stated that the company will launch additional features on Android in the upcoming few months. Today, the company also announced that it is making Microsoft Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) generally available on Linux.

The Microsoft Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) is available for macOS, Linux devices, and Windows PCs. If you want extra details about the Microsoft Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) for Android public review, you can visit the company’s official documentation page which is available on the official website of Microsoft.

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