Google Chrome Tests a Better User Interface for its PDF Viewer and Highlights What's New in the Browser

Google has been busy developing new features to improve its Chrome browser, and according to TechDows the Google engineers are planning to add two new features in Chrome.

First off, it has updated the user interface for its PDF viewer, and they have been working tirelessly on improving it. The new UI has gathered all PDF options into a small space to make it easier and more intuitive for users to use and convince third-party users to convert to using Chrome PDF Viewer. Now, this sounds pretty promising.

The PDF name, number of pages, rotation options, and Print and download options are shown on the top toolbar while the sidebar shows the zoom options and Fit to page option.

In order to use the updated UI for PDF Viewer, the user need to go to “chrome://flags,” then search for “PDF Viewer Update” in the page’s search bar or simply pasting chrome://flags/#pdf-viewer-update in the address bar bring the required flag. The flag's description will show a message that would say that “the PDF Viewer will display an updated UI with new options and features.” Click “Enabled” and the user will have the new and updated Chrome PDF Viewer User Interface. In our testing we found that some options including full screen and rotate are not functioning properly as the feature is going through a trail phase.

In addition to this, Google has added a small new label that will inform users about new updates and new features as they discover them.

Chrome now displays badges next to updated features that say “New”. This test is working and is available behind a flag that users can check by pasting this in search bar “chrome://flags/#enable-new-badge-on-menu-items”. If users want to be able to see these badges more frequently so as to be updated on new features they can enable "New badge on menu items" flag on their PC.

The unveiling of these two new features is evidence of how committed the team at Google is to keep on improving and evolving their user interfaces and their efforts to making Chrome the most user-friendly, intuitive, and open internet browser. The developers are in constant competition with other browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera; and now, albeit recently, Edge has been revamped and updated bringing it back in competition with the new browsers, Chrome has cemented its place as the default and go-to browser for hundreds of millions people all over the world, which is the fruits of the developers' labor.

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