Google Chrome is bringing a new autofill bar user interface for Android to provide a far greater user experience

Google Chrome’s autofill service is one of its most amazing features. It not only saves time, but it also makes work more efficient too.

However, Chrome for Android is working on bringing a new and more efficient autofill process for addresses, passwords, and information for billing services.

This new autofill service is most likely going to be present in the upcoming Chrome for Android version 85, which is set to release in August.

In the current versions of Chrome for Android, when you try to fill out a form that can be auto-filled, you are presented with a dropdown list of options below the form you are filling out. When you choose one of these options, your entire form fills out based on your choice. Now, although this design helps in saving a lot of time, there is a problem that arises sometimes. Chrome’s autofill suggestions take up a lot of screen space, plus there is no way to only use the autofill information for the particular box you are typing in.

This also means that if you want to mix and match the names and addresses, it is not possible for Chrome to autofill. You will have to do it all manually then.

In the new developing version, the user interface has been given a slicker look. The autofill bar will be just above your keyboard, and you will be offered to write in various addresses and payment methods in Material Design ‘chips.’ On the right-hand side, you will be given quick access options for your passwords, cards, and addresses.

Once you are inside these menus, you may select a particular portion of your addresses and cards. This will allow you to fill only the box that you are currently typing in. This way, you can easily mix and match portions of your addresses, avoid any misjudgment from Chrome while it is auto-filling your form. If you are using your normal shipping address, but you want to put in a different name or email address, you will be able to do this all with the new autofill user interface.

This sounds a great update and it is going to make the process of filling out forms easier, more direct, and straight forward, without any hassle. Let us see how it rolls out and how people react to it?

Screenshot: Chromestory.

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