Finteza: The Ultimate Bot-Tracking Tool to Determine the Authenticity of Traffic coming to your Website!

Scammers are everywhere on the web these days and it requires one extra effort to keep oneself safe from getting tricked. One such issue that has many website owners concerned these days is how bots are being used to increase the traffic on their website without their knowledge!

The Problem

Digital advertising needs no introduction. Several eCommerce stores these days advertise their products/services and purchase traffic in order to attract potentially interested customers and rack up the sales count.

However, scammers have found several ways — including fake clicks and bots that mimic human browsing actions — to use these tactics to their advantage as well.

If you intend on saving yourself from such scams, allow us to recommend a top-of-the-line bot detector that may prove to be helpful!

Finteza - One-Stop Bot Catcher

The developers responsible for the creation of Finteza have presented a new tech-based solution that aims to regulate the quality of traffic and spot the presence of bots. This will, in turn, help website owners against fraudulent traffic providers.

How Finteza works is that it evaluates technical traffic parameters and is well-capable of identifying 12 types of bad traffic on the basis of formal metrics (by analyzing the browsers, IP addresses, operating systems, screen resolution, etc.). You can check the results under the Quality section.

Bots can belong to either spam sending, password guessing, or malignant actions imitation group. A piece of helpful advice (keeping in mind the example of Alex) is to closely monitor the “Referral mismatch: spoofing” section. It features the traffic that attempts to forge its source (the reason why Alex couldn’t find anything wrong in the analytics report).

Now coming to the “Analyzers” - it is a group that highlights visits from “headless browsers”. It goes without saying that these browsers cannot be used by humans. However, traffic-spoofing bots can make good use of these.

Finteza then analyzes user behavior to find out if the entity in question is a human or bot. If the results lean more towards the latter, further assessment is done. When it comes to complex bots that can boost the view count of videos or emulate ad clicks, the challenge of exposing such bots becomes tougher. Finteza presents the bot traffic data under the Bot Score section.

Finteza as an Effective Bot-Identifying Tool

Courtesy of an entire variable set, every single visitor is analyzed. Some of these variables are:
  • Emulation of screen touches or mouse motion
  • Visitor’s hardware
  • The delay between successive user activities
In case anything unusual is observed, the user in question gets penalty points. If the variation is not severe enough, only a few penalty points are given to the user. However, the penalty gets tougher as the variation in behavior becomes more serious and apparent. These points help constitute the final rating.

When it’s all said and done, traffic is divided into five classes:
  • Red: Simple bots that are easily catchable
  • Orange: Bots that aren’t too sophisticated but can’t be caught manually either
  • Yellow: Intelligent bots that can mimic human actions. Even though Finteza specializes in spotting such bots, it’s quite a difficult task to draw a line between these bots and humans
  • Light Green: Highly advanced bots that can copy human activities smoothly. In order to spot them, a thorough evaluation of several variables including page views, behavior, origins, etc. should be performed
  • Dark green: Genuine users
So, now you know that you should strive for your traffic to be dark green when you get it checked on Finteza. Any other color would mean that the money you are spending on ad campaigns is going to waste. Rectifying these issues as soon as they surface is your best chance at protecting your business from substantial loss.

So, waste no time in getting Finteza and spot bots right away along with easily determining traffic sources and figuring out bot targets. All you have to do to get started is to implement the Finteza code into your website for absolutely free and begin your pursuit of tracking bots.

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