Will Google Be Able To Challenge Facebook Marketing Dollars With Discovery Ads?

The tech giant Google in its Google Marketing Live event held last year announced two significant visual-based ads experiments. Gallery ads for Search campaigns were not that successful and they are set to evade this summer. However, Discovery ads have developed from the testing phase and Google has made Discovery ads available to all advertisers across the globe.

The company released Discovery campaigns quietly during the last month and announced the development this Wednesday. Discovery ads can be served in Gmail promotion and Social tabs, and across Google Search app’s Discover feed, and the YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds. Discovery ads will open up advanced channels for Google as well as advertisers.

You may have not yet seen ads in Discover feed as the company is trampling a bit slow in this aspect. According to Google, Discovery campaigns are offering scale for advertisers, but the company is very cautious here. Currently, only one ad slot is available in the Discover feed. The vice president of Google Properties and Ads Platform, Jerry Dischler explained to media outlets that Google is holding the quality bar exceptionally high in this space and the company will use machine learning to evaluate when a Discovery ad should be served.

In 2018, Google stated that the Discover feed has reached over 800 million monthly active users when the company announced the Discovery campaign. Currently, Google claims that YouTube, Gmail, and Discover have reached a combined audience of around 2.9 billion individuals, while Facebook reported on March 31 that Facebook’s family of apps has reached 2.99 billion monthly active users.

Discovery campaigns will offer Google an avenue into operating with social budgets and teams. Google has set up the Discovery ads in the Discovery campaign, and there are two ad formats available: Discovery ads with a single photo or multiple photos. As with image assets, people can have Google scan their website for photos, upload photos, or they can choose photos from a Shutterstock library.

For RSAs (responsive search ads), Discovery ads will automatically serve a combination of descriptions as well as titles. Google will also display you a weekly impression evaluation which will be based on your geological targeting. If you want to allow Google to automatically select the ‘call to action’ phrase in your ads, you can also do so or you can choose from over ten options like ‘contact us,’ or shop now,’ etc.

Smart bidding is required in this campaign and you cannot use Frequency and Ad Rotation in this type of campaign. Google’s Discovery ads tips page suggests advertisers that they should select an average day-to-day budget at least ten times the amount of their target CPA bid. Advertisers should wait for at least 40 conversations prior to altering their campaign.

Will Google Be Able To Attract Facebook Advertisers With Its Discovery Ads?

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