How Psychology Can Impact Your Color Decisions for Web Design (infographic)

Web design involves a lot of decisions, none of which you can take lightly if you want the end result to be truly successful in every single way, shape or form. People use all kinds of techniques to help themselves make the right decisions when it comes to web design elements, and one tactic that designers sometimes use, a tactic that should definitely become a lot more widespread, has to do with psychology.

The human mind is impacted in lots of ways by the things that we see, and colors in particular can end up being quite effective at sparking a particular emotion among people all in all. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that colors ignite certain receptors in our brain, so if you think about what colors you want to add from a psychological standpoint then there could actually be a lot that you could do in order to make things easier for you in a wide variety of ways.

There are stats to back this up as well. Nearly 85% of consumers that responded to a survey stated that color was one of the main reasons that lead to them buying a certain product, and you can imagine just how important it is for things like this to be taken into account.

The decision to buy a product happens in about 90%, and how that product looks is perhaps the single biggest deciding factor in a lot of ways. If you want to learn about what colors to use where, you should start by checking out primary colors.

Red can evoke emotions as well as hunger, it can also be quite symbolic since it is used to display love. Yellow is often seen as a cheerful color. It can stimulate conversation as well as the nervous system but it can also strain the eyes so you should use it sparingly. Blue is a very peaceful color, one that men seem to prefer. It can curb appetite though, so don’t use it if you are making a website for a food company.

The infographic below from Webfx, illustrates the psychology of color and highlights some common associations of different colors.

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