Google Earth optimizes its Search results and provides a new, profound user experience

Recently, Google has updated and added new features in the search experience by introducing a new user interface in Google Earth. These updates are available for all operating systems and web all around the globe.

Many interesting new features like data layers, quizzes, and must-see-views have been added in this updated search experience.

As per Google, when a user begins to search for a location in Google Earth, they will be shown different suggestions to choose from.

The user may choose a place manually, or from their personalized search history, or from Google Earth’s suggested must-see-places.

After choosing one category, the user will see the option of Data Layers on the user interface. These Data Layers further narrow down the search for the user with different other options.

These changes in the user interface are available as a live feature for all the users of iOS and Android.

Additionally, there is a sidebar on the web interface that will show identical changes to the user.

With the option of must-see-views, Google Earth provides suggestions that are truly worth noting. Users will be able to get better ideas and formulate better plans with the help of this improved search experience, once traveling resumes after the coronavirus pandemic gets over.

Quizzes are an equally beneficial feature. Questions about various places on Earth will not only help the users advance their knowledgeable skills, but they will also provide a great engaging and interactive experience for them.

The option of Data Layers will show maps, explorer guides, and other important information regarding a certain place, including its historical and heritage value and significance.

Google has been making commendable efforts in providing a worthwhile and useful experience to the users. Taking steps like the inclusion of favicons, or improving its Dark Mode in the Chrome Browser, and very recently, announcing a built-in tab-grouping feature for Chrome, it is quite evident that constant work is going on in the Google world.

All these things may look small, but they are still significant changes. Addressing the problems that users have been facing, Google shows that they care for their consumers, and will go to all possible lengths to give them an amazing experience, especially when there is so much competition around.

These efforts have special significance now when the entire world is going through a crucial phase. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are homebound and their reliance on the internet has increased a lot. So, by bringing positive tweaks and changes in their browser settings, web store, or Google Earth, it is like giving out a small ray of hope to the people out there. It is like Google is trying to tell people that “ everything is going to be alright soon, and we all need to stay put and fight this pandemic together, with hope and optimism.”

This is certainly a wonderful notion, and Google must be appreciated for all the positivity they are trying to infuse in an otherwise negative world.

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