Facebook tests Lasso Camera (TikTok's Competitor) within the main app

Recently, Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineering expert for various applications has reported that Facebook is working on a new Lasso Camera inside the main application.

Lasso is a short-video sharing application owned by Facebook. It was launched in late 2018 for selected regions on both iOS as well as Android. This application is considered as a competitor of TikTok, which is one of the most popular video-sharing application.

Like TikTok, users of Lasso can make/create/record dance, lip-syncing, beauty, fitness, and comedy videos. They can also record short clips like Vines. It is a standalone application especially meant for short-form videos.

Users can easily sign in to Lasso by either creating an account using Facebook or directly through Instagram. After allowing the app to access their profile, photos, and videos, they can skim through thousands of short videos that play automatically and are properly tagged with the help of relative hashtags.

Once a creator creates a video, they can share it on their Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Now, as per Jane Wong’s report, this Lasso camera is in the process of becoming a part of the main Facebook app too. This is probably a good idea to incorporate it within the main app, as this step can make Lasso more popular among a wider audience. Because Lasso’s competitor app TikTok has seen massive growth and popularity, especially in the recent months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many high-profile celebrities are using TikTok for entertainment, as well as business purposes. People are earning money on TikTok through the marketing of various products and brands, and it received this kind of mass recognition just recently. So, it is not surprising that Facebook is working to get its app in the mainstream limelight too.

Let us see how this Lasso camera within the Facebook app will work out. Only time can tell how users will find this latest update on Facebook.

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