Facebook’s Latest Report reveals insights about Community Standards Enforcement

Facebook has released the fifth edition of its Community Standards Enforcement Report, which details all the violations of rules and policy that Facebook acted against, on both the platforms of Facebook and Instagram in the past few months.

There are 12 policy areas on Facebook, and 10 on Instagram that are covered in this report extensively.

Instagram has seen a dramatic surge in popularity and usage over a small period, therefore this report especially focuses on four prime areas of concerning content on Instagram. They include Hateful Speech, Adult Nudity, and Sexually Exploitative Content, Violence, and Cyberbullying and Harassment.

This report also shares data on the appeal count that people have made for content removed on Instagram, as well as the action count that has been taken when Facebook identified the issues with the appealed content. Stats reveal that Instagram restored almost a quarter of the content that it had originally removed after appeal.

Through some other stats, this report gives insights into the rising trends in the content on Facebook and Instagram. Surprisingly, drug-related posts have seen a surge in the recent months of January to March 2020.

This period coincides with the time when the coronavirus pandemic had begun, and global lockdown measures had started to be implemented. It looks like when people were homebound, their interest in drugs and other harmful activities also increased! And Facebook had to act against all such content to stop promoting it.

Facebook has claimed in its report that it has improved its image and text matching detection technology that is used to find and remove various vices on the platforms of Facebook and Instagram. So, the detection of drug-related content also went with another vice, and that is Hateful Speech.

Facebook has had to remove a lot of content containing hate speech and harmful language. While this shows the company’s efficient detection technology that can find out hate speech in multiple languages now, it also reveals another ugly facet of our society. When the world is going through a major crisis, people are losing their minds and resorting to hate speech and drugs and other silly activities just to kill time and get over the crisis! That is horrible, to say the least.

But this is not all! Facebook has reported that there has been a significant increase in user activity related to nudity, child pornography, sexual exploitative content, and terror-related posts too, against which Facebook has had to take strict action. The number of contents removed is huge, and that suggests how low people are stooping even in such critical times when lives are at a stake!

In this report, Facebook also revealed that despite their advanced and improved detection and removal processes, there are still more than 130 million active fake profiles on the platform.

Instagram has recently launched some features that work against cyberbullying, harassment, suicide, and self-harm promoting content. All these issues have also surged in user activity across Instagram over the past few months, and this is quite alarming.

Facebook has given stats about the number of governments requesting user data insights from the company which has increased by 9.5% in the last six months of 2019.

The governments that are seeking public data more are of the US, India, UK, Germany, and France, respectively.

The total requests by governments from July to December 2019 were 140,875. Facebook produced around 74% data in response to these requests! No matter what justifications they give, the revelation of personal data will remain a genuine cause of concern amongst many people all over the world.

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