Facebook Brings Messenger Rooms to Instagram

With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing there are a lot of companies out there that are trying to capitalize on it by providing services that would be in high demand because of the fact that there are so many people that are being forced to work from home. One such company is Zoom that provides excellent video calling capabilities and has therefore become quite a cause for concern for companies like Facebook and Google that were suddenly facing stiff competition in a field where they usually hold a pretty impregnable monopoly.

However, both tech giants have responded in kind by upping their own video conferencing game. Messenger Rooms is what Facebook is calling its group calling feature, and the social media company is putting a lot of effort into making it an enticing option for people to end up looking into all in all. One thing that Facebook has just done is that it has incorporated Messenger Rooms into Instagram, so now if you are hosting a video conference call this means that you can send people links and engage with them in their Instagram DMs as well, something that can provide a lot of benefits in this regard.

This is Facebook’s biggest example of cross platform cooperation, and it happens to be in line with the companies vision of unifying its various properties until eventually they will all be considered parts of the same whole. It remains to be seen whether or not this would make Facebook able to compete with the likes of Zoom, however, since the video conferencing app has become extremely popular and has in many ways become synonymous with the coronavirus lockdown video calls that people are taking part in, something that can prove to be very useful down the line and may just make the company a great deal more viable than it would have seemed otherwise.

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