Facebook Brings its Photo Transfer Tool to American and Canadian Users

Facebook is a place where you end up adding a lot of photos and this makes it so that a lot of your personal life as well as memories are going to be on the platform which means that you might want to try and figure out a way in which you could potentially save all of these photos as much as possible.

The only option previously was that you could save pictures individually but now the situation has gotten a lot better with a photo transfer tool that allows you to transfer all of your photos or whichever one you end up choosing to Google Photos or some other kind of service.

After being introduced in certain markets Facebook is finally bringing this feature to users in the US as well as Canada, thereby widening its appeal and broadening the overall userbase that might be able to end up taking advantage of it at the end of the day.

Currently you will only be able to transfer your photos to Google Photos but this in and of itself is going to be enough to make it so that a lot of people can secure the photos that they have taken so far. Accessing the tool is pretty simple as well. All you have to do is go into settings, access Your Facebook Information and then find "Transfer a copy of your photos or videos" and then click on View after this you'll asked to enter your password for verification, after verifying password you can choose a destination to transfer your data.

See this infographic for step by step guide on how to transfer your Facebook photos to Google Photos:

This is intuitive as well as highly effective, although some users might just worry about the loss in quality since Facebook compresses pictures quite a bit before uploading them and a transfer that won’t take ages to complete would also be the sort of thing that would require a fair bit of compression, although most people would probably consider this to be a fairly reasonable compromise.

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