Apple's New Update Will Facilitate Facial Recognition With Face Masks

We live in very unique times, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that there is a pandemic that is going around that is changing the way we live. This is having an impact on a lot of different areas but the fact of the matter is that there are certain areas that are being impacted that most people might not even have thought of due to the reason that they are not involved in these areas on a day to day basis in any way, shape or form.

For example, it has now become a norm, and rightly so, that you would wear a face mask whenever you are going out. This is the sort of thing that would potentially end up changing the way you would approach a lot of things all in all, but for the most part in the world of tech it is having an impact on facial recognition.

Apple has been offering facial recognition technology in its phones for quite some time now due to the reason that it is an effective and quite flashy way of making it so that people can end up unlocking their phones, but the truth of the situation is that due to the reason that people are using face masks a lot more often this means that facial recognition might not work quite as well as it might have otherwise which can be a pretty big deal if you think about it.

This is why Apple has focused on updating their facial recognition technology in order to make it so that your phone can be unlocked even if you are wearing a facemask by focusing on other areas of your face that are still visible, although some would say that this might create certain security problems so this is by no means a long term solution.

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