A new Lens for Snapchat in recognition to Damien Hirst’s Spin Art

A new, special edition Lens has been launched by Snapchat, which recognizes the famous Spin Art of the British artist, Damien Hirst.

Damien Hirst first experimented with this Spin art in 1992, and this new Lens by Snapchat enables the users to create their own spin art based on Hirst’s design.

Through this unique Lens, users can pour various colors and create their own spin painting by adding special effects and produce a beautiful specimen to satisfy the aesthetic sensibilities of Snapchat users.

It is a good step, especially in times when the youth of modern times may not be familiar with this unique type of art. Through this Lens, they can get familiarity with Hirst’s special work.

It may or may not be considered as an innovation, but the motive behind the launch of this Lens is nice, and educative, which is slightly surprising and a little unexpected from an app that mainly focuses on fun and connectivity.

Snap has collaborated with Partners in Health to raise funds for the support of public health organizations and systems working for underprivileged communities.

People who will try this Lens out will be prompted to donate to the Partners in Health. This Lens will also be used to raise awareness and funds concerning COVID.

This collaboration was intended to become a part of a museum exhibition. Due to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns got implemented all over and this initial plan could not be executed.

So, Snapchat decided to launch it as this new Lens, so that users can experience something new and intriguing. They can submit their Spin art creations to “Our Story,” forming their own virtual gallery of digitalized paintings.

It is a small but sweet effort by Snapchat. People all over the world are going through a very difficult phase, and as time is passing, the uncertainty of the pandemic situation is becoming a major challenge to deal with.

It is making people very anxious with time, and they are resorting to mindless and useless activities to curb boredom and their agitation.

Art and colors are considered as a major stress buster. Many people turn towards various art media when they are going through emotional turmoil.

Coronavirus Pandemic has become a major cause of stress and distress amongst many people, and it is healthy for them to turn towards this new Hirst Lens by Snapchat. This is also one of the ways through which people can be helped amid this crisis, and this effort by Snapchat is truly commendable.

Hirst is a well known controversial artistic figure, and Snapchat can hope to gain a lot of benefit from Hirst’s stature to raise funds and support for the coronavirus pandemic relief efforts.

This collaboration can be considered an incredibly unique endeavor, probably as unique and special as the Spin art and the inventor of the design is.

This new Lens has rolled out and can be used from now on.

Hat Tip: SocialMediaToday.

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