TikTok now Supports Web Login and Allows you to Check your Analytics!

TikTok is here to stay and if you still have a hard time believing it, keep reading this story!

Earlier this week, the social media service in question rolled out a new login option for its website. So, you can now login to your TikTok account via your desktop/laptop. The news was broken by Pentos (TikTok analytics platform) on their Twitter profile.

Although the login button is still not added on the main home page, it can be found on the Trending or Discover page for now at the screen’s top-right portion. Upon logging in, you can not only upload videos but also check out a fun collection of videos in accordance with your preferences. You can also view and update your basic account details.

If that didn’t sound exciting enough, you can upgrade your account to a Pro one and be able to check your analytics, assess how you are faring on the platform, etc. It is surely a valuable addition for social media managers and brand marketers.

Many social media services including Facebook and Instagram have started turning their attention to improving their desktop presence. With TikTok following suit now, expect things to only get better and more fun for social media users as time passes by.

Moreover, a brand new “Voiceover” feature was also introduced by TikTok recently, giving users more creative control over their content.

Like other social networks, TikTok is a subject of numerous controversies (content moderation, data sharing, etc.). However, the fact that it is getting recognized by renowned brands (including Apple who recently joined the platform), along with polishing its eCommerce functionalities, is a clear indication that TikTok plans on becoming the next big thing in the world of social media.

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