These are the low cost business ideas you can start as a solopreneur (infographic)

Many people strive to start their businesses. It is one of the most rewarding processes, from the beginning to the end. However, it can be just as hard. A lot of people find it hard to choose the right business to start with. One of the most important things to consider when you are developing your business is to consider what industry you are interested in and whether you have sufficient knowledge about the industry’s workings. While many businesses are demanding, you don’t have to necessarily quit your job before you have a stable hand in your trade, you just have to structure your workload and set a timeline for easy work to be done.

So, if you’re just starting, read through this article to get your feet wet in the business market and get your work started! To start, you can browse through the top low-cost business industries, which make work extremely manageable, especially if you are new to the industry and work ethics.


The world is getting dependent on technology day by day. More people have started buying products and services online than ever before. Hence, it is the best time to start in the eCommerce industry. By partnering with different brands, you can work to sell your products without any shipping or inventory through dropshipping and makeup upto $5K a month. Or you can rebrand already existing products and services through introducing new and innovative trends. There is not a lot of experience need for a startup here, so if you have the strive and patience for it, your business will be a huge success.

Business Services:

Services, such as a development force, a virtual assistant, and a good marketing agency is always required by other businesses. You can easily sell new research and developed products to existing businesses or help them with their marketing through social media pages and online campaigns. These day to day tasks can help you generate $1-5K a month.

Consultation Services:

The consultation industry makes billions of dollars annually, this means there is a lot of money-making potential in this industry. The consulting market offers very diverse employment, from automation and management operations to life coach consultations, to career and leadership consulting services and other similar jobs. The variety means that you can easily find your path in this industry by marketing to a big audience who can relate to you and rely on you for effective consultation tips. In this industry you can easily make up to $2K a month.

Creative Services:

Fun and creative, yet a busy industry is one where everyone wants to work. Less pressure and quite a load of work, through which you can easily make up to a whopping $10K a month is everyone’s dream business. Learn and polish the popular skills of graphic designing, content writing, event planning and design to find your place in the creative services industry. Once you start in this industry, you automatically start to polish your skills and get better at what you do.

Trade Labor:

A very technical industry that requires hard work and consistent results are what the trade labor market is all about. There is a high demand for household services, such as maid services, through which you can make up to $5K a month. If that doesn’t suit you, you can get into the car detailing and washing part of this industry and can even start your furniture and product restoration business, where you can study the recent trends and transform old junk into beautiful new pieces.

Now that you have a few ideas for potential businesses, its time to start researching and planning your next big break!

Take a peek at this infographic for more business ideas.

Low Cost Business Ideas for the Aspiring Solo Entrepreneur
These are Most Profitable Businesses and Industries this year
Infographic courtesy of: Wikibuy.

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