World Health Organization shares plans for its Coronavirus app

In order to combat misinformation from spreading regarding the COVID-19, WHO is planning to launch its own mobile app. According to a document spotted by 9to5google, the app will keep the general public updated with real-time news, tips, and alerts during the pandemic. Moreover, it will be available on Android, iOS and the Web.

The new app, titled ‘WHO MyHealth,’ is a joint-team effort by former Google and Microsoft employees, WHO advisors and ambassadors, and other experts of the IT as well as the health industry. The team at WHO plans to roll out the app for both – Android and iOS on Monday, March 30th.

However, the app is being built on an open-source platform and thus we were able to get a first look before the official launch.

Judging from the initial app mock-ups it appears WHO's contributors have plans to integrate location-specific alerts to the app. Additionally, a self-triage tool would be accessible via the app, allowing the users to diagnose their symptoms.

Those who have been directly affected by the virus can offer their location history to WHO as well, and assist them in performing ‘contract tracing.’

Other features of the app include the basic tips and advice, status of the COVID-19 spread, and other stats from around the world.

Coronavirus is a transmissible, respiratory disease that was first discovered in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019. However, within a couple of months, the illness has spread like wildfire all over the globe with over 600K cases and 27K+ deaths – as of this writing.

To minimize its spread, health officials have asked the worldwide population to follow strict hygiene protocols such as washing hands, using sanitizer, and practicing isolation in case they suspect any symptoms. Governments have also restricted the citizens from unnecessary movement and imposed lockdowns in an effort to keep them limited to their homes.

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