Report: COVID-19 Themed Phishing Campaigns have been increased by Extensive 667 Percent

According to a new report by Barracuda Networks, it was addressed that the number of Coronavirus related emails hits up by 667 percent in the past few week. Cybercriminals are crashing-in on the serious condition of COVID-19 for their benefit by launching a wave of COVID-19 related emails. Barracuda Network also comprehended in the report that an intense variety of phishing attacks are taking advantage of great hype of COVID-19 to distribute malware and scammers to make money out of the users. A great growing number of the campaigns are using the COVID-19 as their key to achieving anything they can through under pressuring people besides their fear and a panic situation.

Barracuda Network researchers have been monitoring COVID-19 situation since the virus took place and recorded 137 incidents only in the month of January, intensive 1,188 incidents in February, and so far with a huge rising change of incidents in March by 9,116 that ultimately caused a great surge of 667% since the end of February. From all around the globe, Barracuda Networks have detected a grand total of 467,825 incidents between 1st March and 23rd March 2020. Of which, a number of 9,116 cased were of Coronavirus which represents 2% of attacks. Although, the number of campaigns is still low compared to other threats this treat of COVID-19 phishing attack is growing up so quickly and getting more sophisticated.

Barracuda Network researchers also reported that they have seen four main types of phishing attacks of people who are using Coronavirus scenarios – Scamming, financial gaining, brand impersonation, and business email related compromises. The main aim of these phishing attack emails is to deliver scamming, hypo-tension, and stolen credentials in the heightened focus of the Coronavirus sensation against the intended victims. The incidents reported on March 23rd 54% were scammers, 34% are brand impersonation, 11% were blackmailing, and 1% were business email related compromises. The goal of the phishing attacks has been ranged to neglect society’s ordinance and spread inhumanity by scamming and blackmailing people.

Other scam mails were claimed to be said that they sell Coronavirus face masks and cures also asking for investments in fake companies that intend to claim in making of the vaccines for this virus. Another popular phishing attacks are scammers asking for fake charities and different donation requests from the users.

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