There is a Serious WiFi Flaw Affecting Over a Billion Smartphones, Causes Security Concerns

It turns out that over a billion smartphones, mostly iPhones, suffer from a flaw that is at best a major annoyance and at worst could prove to be a highly dangerous flaw that could lead to all kinds of security issues down the line if it is not addressed as quickly as possible before malicious actors end up using it to do some real damage to peaceful smartphone users.

This WiFi flaw is referred to as Kr00k, and while it mostly affects iPhones this doesn’t mean that other smartphone users are safe from it. It has been known to spread to Android devices as well, and what’s more is that you might just end up seeing it in other devices from Amazon Echo and many more. Other apple products such as iPads and the like are also susceptible to it, and since the quantity of devices that have been affected is so high this means that some serious action needs to be taken lest something dangerous ends up occurring.

The way that this flaw works is that it will continually disrupt your connection to wireless internet by interfering with the chipset that is responsible for governing this particular feature. Whenever a connection is interrupted, while you are attempting to reestablish this connection there is a chance that a malicious actor could gain access to your phone.

This is the very thing that makes this flaw such a serious thing to take into consideration. Apple needs to address this issue immediately before it starts to spiral out of control, and at the same time they should try to raise awareness for this issue because there are plenty of other companies whose products are at risk here as well and these companies should try their best to give their customers a better experience.

ESET researchers revealed that major manufacturers have been released patches for this flaw. "To protect yourself, as a user, make sure you have applied the latest available updates to your Wi-Fi-capable devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, IoT devices, and Wi-Fi access points and routers."

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