CoronaVirus – A Major 2020 Dilemma

The year 2020 began with new opportunities and goals however, the world was plagued with a deadly virus.

The presence of a pandemic disease, the CoronaVirus or Covid-19, causes health officials and ministries to carry out action plans that can eradicate or diminish the disease and its spread.

However, rumours or false reports play their part in spreading havoc. Unfortunately, bad actors are playing an essential role in instilling fear among the terrorised crowd. Rising fatalities, the absence of a confirmed cure - a vaccine and social quarantines leading to isolation, have unleashed a wave of panic across the world allowing cyber criminals to take advantage of the situation.

They have been responsible for spreading false death reports and possible cures to the disease, misleading the people.

UN And Its Agencies Respond To Fraudulent Information

United Nations has responded back regarding the presence of scams, fraudulent information and deceiving cyber criminals who are using this disease as an excuse to gain profit or attention.

Scammers are forwarding false emails, asking for your personal information and leading to websites other than Asking to make donations for the disease could lead to them stealing your money and also your valuable information.

The World Health Organisation has reported such false actions claiming that it is never involved in such activities. Therefore, they have asked people using mobile phones, emails or even fax, to be careful of such malicious attempts.

Federal Trade Commission Fights back On False Products Claiming To Cure Covid-19

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has acknowledged a number of marketers who are selling products with claims that they are the cure to the Covid-19. Deceiving products can prove to be harmful on to the patients if they fall for such false thefts.

By frequent monitoring and advanced technology that delivers news within a second, FTC has studied numerous number of people falling for the misleading products. Many company names have been provided by FTC such as Herbal Amy LLC and VitalSilver who actively took part in spreading hoaxes.

To conclude, with the rapid spread of this disease, UN and its agency WHO has advised individuals to remain calm and check for authentic guidelines before applying any instructions on themselves. These simple steps can themselves be a huge factor, in decreasing the spread of the disease and creating less panic among the individuals.

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