The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Increase Social Media Usage

It’s fair to say that the coronavirus pandemic is definitely having quite an enormous impact on the way we tend to live our lives on a day to day basis. The reason behind this is that we are changing our habits, and you can see this in the fact that streaming providers are being asked to lower the quality of the videos that people are watching so as not to put too much of a strain on the internet which is by all intents and purposes a highly valuable resource that needs to be taken care of since it might just be the only way in which people can end up getting the information that they need in order to tackle the virus in a truly sustainable way, shape or form.

People also just generally need the internet in order to distract themselves, and social media is a pretty big part of this sort of thing all in all. A lot of research is being done on the matter but this research often doesn’t take into account the opinions of the consumers themselves. This is why IZEA, an agency that is well known for connecting marketing agencies and their consumers by acquiring excellent data, has asked consumers what their opinions are on the matter.

It turns out that two out of every three consumers that responded to the survey felt like their usage of social media was definitely going to end up increasing over the course of the next few weeks and months. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that people are now being quarantined and a lot of lockdowns are being put in place so that the spread of the virus can be stemmed in the best way possible, and as a result of the fact that people are going to be scrolling through social media a lot more not just because of the fact that they would have time that they need to kill but also due to the reason that social media can be a great place to get a lot of information from all in all.

66 Percent of Consumers Expect Their Social Media Consumption to Increase During Coronavirus Confinement

If we look at specific platforms, the data tells us more. 64% of YouTube users feel like they would end up using the site more, whereas about 2% said that they might decrease their usage of the site all in all. The numbers are similar to Facebook. An interesting factoid is that 44% of respondents to the survey said that they might consider becoming an influencer in order to keep money coming in during the recession that will inevitably result from the virus spreading so far and wide.

eCommerce also looks like it is going to benefit from the lockdowns. Virtually all users, around 99%, said that they would start using eCommerce to purchase something as they can’t go outside during the lockdown. Nearly 80% of people who have children are also going to be using eCommerce in order to purchase home improvement items during the lockdown which indicates that people will use the free time that they now have in order to tackle tasks that they had been putting off for quite some time now all in all.

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