PC Monitor's Brightness Can Now Be Used To Steal Data

There are many creative ways to steal data from computers even without network connection or using the old physical theft tactics. Despite all the ways, the latest way of stealing data from “air-gapped” computers through the brightness of LCD, is probably the cleverest of all.

Compromised computer relay imperceptible changes in the RGB color values of LCD are detected using the camera-equipped device. Theoretically trick the target to load malware on the system through a USB and then to transfer the information, the nearest hijacking security cameras are used.

This does not mean anyone reading login details through a window or anywhere near can breach your security. The data thief would have to breathe the targeted computer and then have access to cameras that are to be controlled live.

This approach can especially be helpful for intelligence agencies when they perform Stuxnet-style intrusions. It is not possible for an attacker to read data from your computer’s screen by just sitting outside your home.

However, extremely secure facilities are placed that should be taken into consideration before planning anything. As putting cameras behind air-gapped computers is not as easy as it might seem.

Source: ACSRL.
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