Reddit’s New Policies – Impersonation Banned on the Platform

Recently, Reddit has released new policies that are focused on banning the impersonation of the platform. Such content includes Deepfakes or any misleading content that involves the impersonation of an individual in an ill manner. This is not new; the company has also put a ban on deepfake porn videos in 2018.

Reddit is trying to work on improving the content on the platform as the company received about 2.3% of reports over impersonation. Also, the deepfakes of politicians is stirring up public views on taking an action against the fake impersonation on the platform.

From the policies, it is evident that the company will ban any misleading impersonation that will be seen as a threat to the person. However, the company will not ban parody or satire, but that will be hard to figure out. The company will look into the context of the video rather than just focusing on the impersonation factor.

It will help in disabling campaigns on the platform that spread misinformation. Reddit has already identified about 944 accounts that were found to be linked with the Internet Research Agency.

Photo: Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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