Over 50 Organizations Asking Google to Take Action against Android Bloatware

Android operating system always had an issue with bloatware, be it from OEMs or carriers. Recently, around 50 privacy organizations released an open letter on the web, persuading Google to do something about the bloatware on Android OS.

An open letter was posted on Privacy International, addressing Google/Alphabet CEO to take action against exploitative pre-installed software on Android smartphones. The letter also mentioned the statistic report, indicating that 91% of the Android bloatware cannot be seen on Google Play store.

These apps are pre-installed and have advanced permission than other system apps, which cannot be deleted either. It often leads to a higher risk of privacy loopholes and end-users might not be familiar with it.

The letter asks Google to take immediate action and bring urgent changes concerning Android bloatware. The changes include that users should be allowed to remove the pre-installed apps on mobile devices. Secondly, like other Play Store apps, pre-installed apps must follow the same ‘scrutiny’. Also, there should not be an account requirement for the update mechanism of pre-installed apps. Any dives which have privacy concerns should not be certified by Google.

According to the letter, these changes can bring a prominent positive difference and millions of people in the world will not have to risk their privacy and security for using smartphones.

Over 50 organizations backed the letter, which has an interest in the privacy of consumers. Some of the prominent names of this organization include DuckDuckGo, Amnesty International, Center for Digital Democracy, The Tor Project and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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