3 of the Best Productivity Apps for 2020

The near decade and new year 2020 is now upon us. It is the time to review our lives and how we can be more productive and happy in the things that we do. Most people have resolutions for the new year that in some way revolve around the concept of being more productive and happier at work.

In order to reach the peaks of productivity that we so desire it may be necessary to use some helpful apps to get us there.


The name of it is “ToDoist”, get it? It is a combination of the terms “To Do” and “List” and that is essentially what is helps people make. It is not just a simple list of items that you need taken care of in your daily life though. Rather, it is a more dynamic app that brings that to do list to life.

You do start to use it by putting down all of the things that you need to get done as a list. The app will take all of the items that you have listed and automatically program in reminders for you throughout the day as your deadlines start to approach. This can keep you focused and remembering what you should be doing.

It goes beyond personal use as some people have used this app to schedule events and meetings for their fellow collaborators. Managers and supervisors in particular may find it useful as they are able to delegate tasks to those who answer to them through the app.


How would you like to have an extra 56 hours per week? We would all like to have that extra time on our hands to get more things done or even to spend more of that time on ourselves. This is what the CloudApp product can potentially do for you when used properly.

The biggest time savings for most organizations come in the form of avoiding some of the lengthy e-mails that one has to write to explain something that can be explained through this app. Not only that, but with webcam recording, screenshot, animation, and so many other capabilities, this app does a better job of getting the word out than an e-mail ever would. There are more than 3 million people currently using this app including some of the biggest technology names in the business like Uber and Facebook, so it is hard to imagine how it could be anything but excellent.


This is one that you probably have already heard of unless you have been living under a rock. This company seemed to come out of nowhere to become among the fastest growing companies in the history of the world. Productivity levels go through the roof for users of this one, and it is deployed by major brands like Target and AirBnb to help their people collaborate and maintain high levels of productivity.

It is so much easier to scan through all of the various office communications with Slack. Every communication is easily searchable, and that means you can cut right to the information you require, and that can turn your whole office into the pinnacle of productivity. Create various channels within the service to allow smaller teams to work together on specific problems if you wish. It is all right there with the Slack app.

There are some free offerings for this service, but you may decide to step it up a notch and pay for one of their paid services for the extra features. If your productivity matters to you in 2020, then perhaps this is something worth springing for. The worst-case scenario has you paying $12.50 per month for it. That is not bad at all.

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