Study reveals a handy list of tools – by your favorite social media influencers and creators

Looking for ways to ramp up your social media game? Do you wonder how your favorite social media personality always manages to get the right filter? Luckily, you have come to the right place!

The folks at HypeAuditor recently surveyed over 1,200 Instagram influencers and creators to find out the apps and tools they use to present themselves on social media. Let’s take a look!

Photo editing tools

As predicted, industry leaders Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Express are favorites amongst the influencers with 24.5% and 10% votes respectively. They are followed by Canva, Snapseed (iOS/Android), and VSCO. FaceTune is another photo-editing tool to watch out for. In fact, NYT reports it to be used by the majority of influencers.

Post scheduling

Influencers often use social media post schedulers, where they prepare content in advance to be published at a later time. Although, there are many post-scheduling tools available, most of the influencers said they rely on Preview, Planoly, and Later instead of the leading platforms Hootsuite and Buffer.

Video editing tools

When it comes to creating quality videos, inShot was recommended by 35% of the surveyed influencers. iMovie was the second choice of video editing software for social media celebrities.

Grid layout

Influencers also say that they prefer to create a grid-style structure such as checkerboard, diagonal, and tile – rather than a plain layout in their Instagram posts. The most popular tool for this function remained UNUM that is used by 53% of the influencers.

HypeAuditor also inquired the influencers about their network preference. Here, most agreed that besides Instagram – Pinterest and Twitter also helps them in building up their profiles and gaining loyal fans/followers.

Social media influencers put a lot of effort – and often resource as well, in maintaining their profiles. These were just some of the tools and apps that they invest in to enhance their social media image, improve productivity, and manage their accounts with more ease. Give them a try and see how they work for you! Good luck!

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