New update by Oculus will be removing the need for Gloves and Controllers in VR

Oculus Quest a virtual reality (VR) headset was no doubt a revolutionary product, which is a division of Facebook Inc. According to Oculus, whole communicating with others to pick up some objects or during its manipulation hand gestures play a vital role, how to interact with the world and the touch of communication via gestures makes gives the users a real presence in a virtual space.

To make the virtual reality experience more real for its users, Oculus launched communication through hands into VR with the help of Oculus Touch controllers to enable its users to interact with the world in a more natural way so that it all feels more real. After the release of touch controllers now another feature is being introduced - the hand tracking on Oculus Quest - which will let the users interact in VR without the need of controllers and instead of using their real hands. This new release by Oculus will be completely changing the concept of hand gestures in the virtual reality programs ever.

This new update was first announced during an Oculus Connect conference back in September and now Facebook just moved more advance in the future of VR connectivity with the launch of first consumer release of hand-tracking in VR.

By enabling hand tracking options for users, interacting with others in the virtual environment will be changed forever and this new update is a revolutionary step that would completely remove the major requirement of hardware for users to engage in VR along with making the whole process of interaction more natural than ever.

In the first release of this update, the functionality will be limited for users and they can only use hands to navigate and interact within the home interfaces of Quests including library or store or some first-party apps like the Oculus TV or Browser.

To turn on the hand tracking option, Oculus Quests users will need to first update the device to version 12 and later on turn the hand tracking option in the Experimental Features menu.

Along with this update, Oculus will also be hand tracking option for the SDK specifically aimed for developers which will help third-party organizations to find some new and unique ways to use the hand tracking option.

Facebook is a platform that is making VR the upcoming future of social media connectivity and it is already building a VR world specifically aimed within the purpose of the Oculus network.

So far the VR technology is turning out to be interesting but the limitation of content and less involvement of developers is somewhat bumping the increase of consumer content so that launch of hand tracking can change this concept ever as the requirement of less hardware will make the VR devices more affordable for consumers.

This new hand tracking update to the Oculus Quest users will be starting from this week.

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