Here’s some insight on the new meme app specifically designed for gamers

It’s been ten years since the debut of the 300-million-monthly user Imgur and it is still the largest impersonalized home for pages on the internet. Whenever a user opens Imgur, they’ll see the same posts full of inside jokes and running gags but if you take a look at other pages you can switch your feed to selected topics and creators you follow but in case of Imgur it only focuses on one-size-fits-all approach over niche audiences.

New gaming meme app soon to be launched by Imgur

The gaming community deserves a better environment than some random memes which few can understand. On Imgur, the tags of video and board games were the most popular and more than 46% of users were following them. If you want to take a look at the meme world of games, you’ll see the whole world of esoteric memes about game moments, highlights of some epic winds and commentary about the industry as well. This type of stuff sometimes becomes difficult to browse on apps like Reddit and the feed is sometimes full of games mashed together where instead you only play certain ones.

According to the CEO of Imgur, gamers constantly take screenshots and recordings of the game they play and share it with friends to joke about but its really difficult for gamers to share these clips with other people so Imgur will be providing the gamers a platform to share the memes and videos related to the games they play.

Seizing this opportunity, Imgur is launching its very own first app named Melee which would enable its users to subscribe to the type of games which they love and want to see a feed of memes and gameplay clips related to their desired games. This is a very elegant way to provide the type of feed users like instead of sharing jokes or skills which some don’t even understand or care about. Users of Melee can also scroll through the most popular posts in the feed to know about some unfamiliar games. This new app will give gamers an immediate in-group feel where they can share the memes and clips with the other gamers who’ll also understand it. With this app, users won’t feel exhausted with a collection of so many games mashed together but instead, they’ll see feed content which they select themselves.

Melee launched on Thursday on iOS with Android version coming in the first quarter of 2020 and a desktop version also one the way too.

Bottom Line

After stumbling with protections in its main app we are really glad that this app has proper protections for users as well and will remove content related to bullying. Melee can surely help up-and-coming game streaming stars to find a following as on other platforms they’re usually overshadowed by the biggest stars. Imgur started at the end of the era of web and it took years for the company to build a full-fledged mobile app but now Imgur is still one of the biggest internet communities ever and the Melee app surely offers as a lifeboat to Imgur incase its original tribe disappears with the end of the web era.

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