There’s a rumor about a flaw in iOS 13 before it’s even launched

Companies try to introduce new technology every once in a while to engage their users. Apple is one of the largest tech giants with millions of users utilizing its products on a daily basis. Every year Apple launches its new series of smartphones and along with its new series of software for its users. Recently Apple revealed its new series of smartphones and along with that, we all were pretty excited to see what the new iOS holds for us.

There are only a few days left until Apple unveils its new iOS and as a majority of the users were waiting for its reveal and a new report surfaced over the internet. Recently, a security researcher revealed that iOS 13 passcode might be bypassed to enable a view of contacts even on locked screens. This reveal by security researchers has all of us worried.

This vulnerability in the passcode can enable any person to easily access the content on the device even if the device is locked. The view of notifications can be easily modified according to user own requirements and the majority of iPhone users prefer hiding contacts and other notifications from the screen when locked but iOS 13 might contain a loophole that can affect the access of content on locked devices. This passcode bypass can allow any person to easily access content on a device without authorization from the user at all. Usually when the device of iPhone user is locked people can view the stored information of device including contacts, pictures, messages, etc. but we guess that is about to change. Publicly disclosed bypass by a security researcher named Jose Rodriguez use a mixture of steps that when done can give access to any person to easily view contacts of devices even when they’re locked.

Rodriguez created a YouTube video to clearly explain the workings of this bypass to people and to display how easy it is to view device information even when it is locked.

The following steps can bypass the passcode

· Respond to call with a customer text

· Feature of VoiceOver should be enabled

· Disable the feature of VoiceOver

· Attempt to add new content to a custom message

· Tap the images of contacts to open options of the menu and select ‘Add to existing contact’

· When a list of contact is displayed, click on the other contact to view its info.

The security researcher also states that he contacted Apple about the vulnerability before going public with it and the biggest tech platform has still not fixed the bug. The security researcher Rodriguez has a history of revealing passcode bypass in previous versions of iOS as well.

Apple is planning to release the iOS 13 on 19th September and we are still not sure if the bug is fixed or not. Until an official release is revealed from Apple, the only way to save your phone from bugs like these is to not leave it alone and always have it with you.

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