Facebook Adds Servicesfriend to The Long List of Acquired Companies

Facebook is famous for either copying the already existing ideas or acquiring companies that can facilitate them later. Previously, they have been famous for boosting off about their acquisitions, however, a recent acquisition in this regard has been kept a little hush-hush. Facebook has recently acquired an Israel based tech company, Servicefriend that is famous for making hybrid chatbots to facilitate customer service.

Rumors about this acquisition were circulating from quite a long time, however, Facebook was not confirming anything. Recently when the co-founder of Servicefriend Ido Arad was inquired about the acquisition he referred the media team to Facebook. In an attempt to come clean, Facebook said that they like to acquire smaller companies but they don’t declare their plans openly. Apparently, the cat has been out of the box, but Facebook has tried their best to avoid any discussion about what might come next.

According to experts Facebook has acquired Servicefriend to help the company with Libra. Facebook is developing a digital wallet called Calibra, that will help the users buy and use products through Libra cryptocurrency. Facebook is going to use Servicefriend to help them built bots that can help the users provide complete information about the currency via messenger and WhatsApp. They are also looking forward to building a wallet that can help people pay bills, send money to their contacts, buy and shop things on the Facebook market place and other e-commerce websites.

Most people are wondering why Facebook is betting so heavily on Libra, Facebook has now become a company that is facing many threats and above all, people are now becoming more aware of the data scandal and how it has affected their lives. The main question is, are people willing to trust a company with their money when they are not willing to trust them with their data? According to experts, Facebook is going to design a process so complex that just to use Facebook, every user will be required to pay. Imagine, paying to use Facebook where you pay to consume data and content that has been created by the users.

Photo: Beck Diefenbach/Reuters

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