BigCommerce Increases Free Themes to Appease the eCommerce Community and Edge Out Rivals!

It can’t be argued that we are living in the age of digital supremacy. Nowadays, there is competition everywhere and between everyone and everything. Two colleagues working hard in hopes of getting an appraisal are competing against each other, two businesses with the same target audience are in direct competition and the list goes on.

So while we are discussing about competition, it’s the right time to bring up the latest offerings made by BigCommerce. In case you are unaware, BigCommerce is a leading tech company that excels in providing a SaaS eCommerce platform. In easier words, it allows you to launch, operate and grow your own online store. It is also packed with exceptional built-in features that can’t be found anywhere else.
Fun Fact: Did you know that it takes about 0.05 seconds for internet surfers to form an opinion about a website's visual appeal. So it's imperative to invest in a website design that leaves a great first impression.
BigCommerce offers countless captivating themes which can be viewed directly through its store. There are free themes as well as paid ones. There are various sorting options to ensure that site visitors (and potential customers) find the theme that suits the best for their planned online store.

Although there is no doubt that the themes offered by BigCommerce are second to none, the budget factor occasionally halts the flow. As mentioned above, everything nowadays is linked with competition. Thus, BigCommerce has rivals as well that tend to attract the same target audience. This can be done through interesting and convenient deals.

Thus, even though BigCommerce isn’t short on exceptional free themes, the paid ones are what have got the people talking but of course, everyone doesn’t like to spend a hefty amount on a website theme when something similar is being offered at comparatively reasonable rates. Thus, companies like Shopify and Squarespace pose serious challenges to the smooth running operations of BigCommerce.

BigCommerce More Than Doubles Their Free Theme Offerings

In order to edge out its rivals, BigCommerce recently doubled its Free Theme Offerings. Not only is it a smart business move and gives the free themes some much-needed exposure, but it will also make the target audience believe that the company listens to their feedback regarding the pricing.

Diving into the details of the latest additions, it is being reported that 5 additional theme variants have been added to BigCommerce’s free theme offerings. Previously, there were 2 free themes and 7 free theme variants. Now, however, the number of free themes has risen to 5 and for variants, the number is now 12. Additional free themes were created in order to appease the eCommerce community. It should be noted that every single new theme caters to the needs of a specific group of merchants.

Let’s introduce the new themes here as well. The first one is Vault. Vault is the ideal theme for merchants providing a wide selection of products.

Vault is the perfect theme for merchants offering a wide selection of products

Navigation is left-handed and the inclusion of mega menu capabilities is also noteworthy. These features make Vault perfect for merchants with highly categorized and complex catalogs. Also, there is a search bar that will help customers find the exact product they are in search of amidst the extensive product offerings. The search will be conducted on the basis of SKU, name or part number. Vault is also suitable for brands to get more sales (courtesy of its merchandising features). With the help of built-in marketing banners, quick view and add to card, features products and categories, Vault makes it easier for merchants who prefer to feature the products from the extensive selection.

LifeStyle‌ is yet another addition to the list of free themes. This theme’s main purpose is to provide the merchants with a number of ways to demonstrate their brand and products.

Merchants can prominently feature their brand with the help of stories as the LifeStyle theme has built-in support for video content. Also available are image-first home page layout, featured blog posts, visual category menus and Instagram content feed. It is a perfect theme for merchants selling health and beauty and other fashion related products. A visual cart is also included in the theme and so is a list of suggested products on product detail and cart pages.

Roots Original theme should also be discussed here. It mixes the beautiful content with powerful organization, search as well as merchandising tools for those who sell to both businesses/wholesale and consumers.

Roots’ main features include built-in video, image-heavy page layouts, blogs, catalog friendly menu design, prominent search and easily accessible login icons.

It’s safe to say that the new free themes can be used by businesses of all kinds. However, they are strongly oriented towards the small businesses and retailers. These themes will allow such business or start-ups in easy set up. Also, the themes keep in mind the demands and issues faced by merchants bridging the ‌B2B-B2C, ‌industry, ‌and‌ ‌size‌ ‌spectrum.‌

There are countless benefits that come along with these new themes. Merchants are allowed to showcase their brand with the captivating layouts as well as easy customization of brand colors, images and fonts. ‌

These themes are built to perform. This refers to the fact that all BigCommerce themes are built on the Stencil theme platform which blends the best technological practices, design standards, SEO and conversion. Through Stencil, merchants and developers can build captivating customizable storefronts and before finalizing the changes and updating them, they can also preview them locally.

At reasonable rates, a number of beautiful and well-performing themes have been built and made available to all BigCommerce users. Not to forget that all ‌BigCommerce‌ ‌themes‌ ‌are‌ ‌mobile‌ ‌responsive‌ ‌and‌ ‌SEO optimized‌.

These themes can be used by merchants who are looking to launch their first online store, upgrading their current BC storefront with a fresh theme or those intending to match the look and feel of their current site by drifting away from competitive solution.

Long story short, the number of free themes with remarkable features, is at an all-time high and now is the best time to open your first online shopping store with the help of BigCommerce.

Interested users can try out ‌BigCommerce‌ ‌for‌ ‌absolutely free without providing any credit card details. So, what are you waiting for?

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