Analysis of real and online sports in Ecuador

Most Ecuadorians like to practice some kind of sports (almost 50% of the population performs sport or physical activity), but they also love being viewers. Soccer is the most popular one, as is the case in other Latin American countries. However basketball, tennis, athletics, volleyball and their own version of volleyball are also played and followed by many people.

Online sports betting

Although Ecuador has a very strict policy on online gaming, and several years ago the government declared gambling, casinos and houses illegal, online sports betting is in an intermediate zone, which could be called "gray" due to the lack of regulation in this regard. Meanwhile, a lot of sports bookmakers and online casinos offer their services in Spanish also for Ecuadorians.


Soccer came professionally to Ecuador in the 1920s. A lot of fans encourage their favourite team in national tournaments, but the biggest excitement comes when the Ecuadorian National Team participates in the World Soccer Championship or in some other international tournament, such as the Copa Libertadores.


Basketball began to be practiced in Ecuador before football and is very popular throughout the country (in fact, it ranks third in the most followed and practiced sports). The Men's League participated in a Basketball World Cup opportunity, and the Women's League is growing rapidly, so it is expected to have excellent performance in the coming years.


Tennis is a sport with a very particular development in Ecuador, since it is not so popular, but it has given excellent international players, such as Andrés Gómez, Pancho Segura, who was number one in the 1950s, and closer to our times, Nicolás Lapentti who was ranked among the ten best players in the world.


Cycling is a pleasant surprise for those who love sports in Ecuador, as it is a sport that experiences very important growth. Ecuador is writing its recent history in cycling, so many good cyclists immigrate to Colombia to develop an international career. This is the case of Richard Carapaz who won a great lap in the famous Tour of Italy 2019.

The famous Ecua-volley

Ecua-volley in Ecuador is a national version of volleyball and is very popular. It got its name only in the year 1979, since until that moment it was known by different names according to the area in which it was played (three volleyball, Creole, etc.). The same person who baptized sports in this way, Jorge Carrera, was the one who established a national regulation in view of the need to unify criteria.

It is a sport that is played in squares, parks and championships are organized. Three players are needed on each team and a soccer ball number five, in addition to having a net placed at a different height than the traditional volleyball, among other differences.

Ecuadorians like sports, so they will surely continue playing and betting on them traditionally or online.

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