Annoyed by Google Assistant’s limitation to read-only SMS texts? Not anymore!

Google is one of the largest platforms that provide a huge variety of services and products to users from all over the world. Google Assistant was a revolutionary service by Google, the digital assitant made the life of its users a lot easy by doing multiple tasks without any sort of issue at all.

Limitation of Google Assistant

Google Assistant was launched to make users more dependable on it. People used this tool for a lot of tasks but all faced one major drawback. Google Assistant was able to read SMS text messages but was never able to read any other social media platform notifications.

New update in Google Assistant

We live in an era of the digital world, surround by a variety of social media apps and Google Assistant not being able to read messages other than SMS was a huge drawback, but, not anymore. Now, Google Assistant can read and reply to messages from WhatsApp, Google Voice and a variety of other apps as well.

Previously if you told Google Assistant “read my messages” it used to only read SMS texts but that is not a problem anymore. According to a Androidpolice, now Google Assistant will not only read texts from other social media platforms but will also reply too.

You need to give access to the Google app to read notifications for other social media platforms. To start, tell Google assistant “read my messages’ a card will pop up with last text messages and Google Assistant will read it aloud including the app name and the name of the sender as well. After this, you will be given an option to either dictate or type yourself. Later on, the message is immediately sent and the notification goes away. You can read a variety of unread recent messages one by one with this new feature.

Messages containing pictures, videos or audio notes will not be accessible by Assistant, instead, it will respond with “the message just contains an audio/video attachment” and it won’t play it.

Bottom line

This new feature is for sure service to bring ease for the customers and for now it works pretty well with a variety of social media apps and it can even handle multiple languages so far as well. We are looking forward to a more advanced update that enables Google Assistant to even playback audio messages and reply the same way.
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