Android Gets Part of Focus Mode for Digital Wellbeing

While smartphones have definitely improved the lives of a lot of people all around the world, there has been a negative impact that they have ended up suffering from as well. This negative impact is that smartphone use can be addictive because of the fact that there are a lot of apps out there that demand a fair amount of attention, and if we want to get any work done we might just have to look into how these apps can be prevented from taking up too much of our time.

At the 2019 I/O event, Google announced that they would be focusing quite strongly on aspects of digital wellbeing, with new features being added to their devices that are basically going to help you use apps that take up too much of your time less often and overall start to use your phones in a healthier manner.

One thing that you might have noticed is that getting any work done on your phone can end up becoming an exercise in frustration simply because of the fact that there are so many different apps that would be sending you notifications, and each notification is going to take your concentration away from the work that you may be trying to do at any given point in time.

The Digital Wellbeing app that Google launched has been crucial at helping people use their smartphones in a healthier manner, but the Focus Mode that was just announced may just be the very thing that Android phones needed in order to become a little healthier in the manner in which they can potentially end up being used.

You can basically select which apps are going to be silenced when you turn focus mode on, and this is going to end up helping you concentrate on the task that you are actually focusing on.

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