With Microsoft’s upgraded version of Your Phone app, users can mirror Android phone’s notifications too

Different companies focus on providing a single platform to its users where they can perform all the tasks without worrying about anything else. For every company to succeed customers play a vital role. Various tech giants try to introduce new products every once in a while to make their users totally depend on their services and to help make the lives of their users easy with new technology and features.

We use different devices for various tasks. We use cell phones to use different social apps and we use laptop/computers to perform a variety of tasks that can’t be used on cell phones. The era we live in makes our lives easy and more dependable on the new technology.

Your Phone App

Sometimes we find it difficult to use PC and along with that respond to different people via smartphone. To ease this problem, Microsoft provided a solution named “Your Phone App” on Windows 10. With this app, users can mirror their cell phone with their Windows 10 PC and can use the services of cell phone and computer together without worrying about anything else at all.

Limitation of Your Phone App

Once you sync your Android phone with the app, you can easily read and reply to text messages, look at pictures in your on-device library, and even drag and drop the files too from one device to another. Getting the notifications of all the text messages is easy but being able to receive notifications of all social media apps is what limits this app. There are limited tasks this app can do.

New update in Your Phone app

Recently we heard about a new update rolling out to all Windows 10 users. Microsoft is rolling out this update to its Your Phone app users to allow them to mirror notifications from Android phone onto the PC. Once this update hits your machine, the app will be smarter and will be alerting the users about all the notifications their phones will receive. With this feature people can get notifications from not just text messages but also from different social networking apps (such as Whatsapp) and users can respond to those apps via this feature as well, making the cell phone fully mirror with the PC. This feature will be called something notification chaser and it’s already in beta version for Windows Insiders, it will be releasing soon for all of its users.

Image: Microsoft Store.

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