One of the most Annoying UI Website: The worst nightmare of any internet surfer

One of the least favorite things of any internet surfer is slow UI of any website. The technology is upgrading every day and along with that different companies provide variation in their services all on the internet to make the lives of its customers easy. People nowadays feel more comfortable shopping online rather than going outside in the outlets. People are pretty much depending on the website for all sorts of services. Like any other person, the thing that every person hates is slow internet or a website with worst User Interface. People like to save their time and that’s why they choose to order online but hate waiting, slow services of internet websites.

The worst website on the internet

Although people find disastrous interfaces in different scenarios, however, if you want to discover the worst and most irritating website on the internet, they should definitely visit this Website once. is the most poorly website and it is intentionally designed this poor by Bagaar (a Digital Product Development Agency). It is a Belgium based company that created this site to point out the bad UI/UX design practices.

Detailed information on most unpleasant website

The first appearance of this site is weird with a blue background and one of the worst font color combination ever. I mean the combination is so bad that it takes more than a couple of minutes to just figure out where to click in order to move past the first page. Once you proceed from the home page, the site asks to set up your password and then upload a profile photo. While you attempt to do that, you’ll get numerous pop-ups with a timer that locks the screen. Next, you are asked to choose 3 interests only and instead all of the boxes are checked already. The next page asks for profile details where the title and gender do not go together and the age slider is the real pain.

More annoying features of this website

One of the worst features of this site is the popup, closing it does this extremely slow drop-one pixel at a time which makes you feel like plucking out your hair.

After moving from all the worst pages of this site and managing not to get your head burst out, you get to the reward screen. Although I think not all people have that much patience to waste their time but if they do, the reward is a GIF (not sure what to do with it)

I don’t think people would want to see this site ever again in their lives but if you do, this site is also looking for UI/UX designer to hire.

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